Appendix A: Connecticut General Statutes

Certain key Connecticut General Statutes are referenced through the guide. This appendix includes a selection of relevant statutes.

Appendix B: Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG)

Regulating the Farm: Improving Agriculture's Viability in the Capitol Region

In 2007, the CRCOG developed model regulations in consultation with eleven towns in its upper Connecticut River Valley region. The model regulations cover a range of issues including:

  • definitions of agriculture,
  • regulations relating to seasonal farm stands,
  • and signage.

Appendix C: Selected Recent Court Cases Affecting Connecticut Agriculture

Court cases often interpret and clarify statutes, legal authority and prior cases, thereby setting a precedent and the basis for future decisions. Such case law can impact agriculture and town level planning in a number of ways.

The summaries of court cases that follow are intended to depict some of the relevant and recent judicial interpretations of statutory and regulatory provisions. In no way is this to be considered legal advice. Cities and towns should consult their own attorneys before taking any specific actions.

Appendix D: Resources

This section includes a list of organizations and programs that can help provide technical or financial assistance to implement many of the tools described in this guide. Please contact these sources directly for more information.