General Statutes

As illustrated in Planning for Agriculture: A Guide for Connecticut Municipalities, there are many Laws and Statutes that pertain to local efforts to support agriculture. The following are the Connecticut General Statutes referenced in the guide.

Definition of Agriculture
CGS § 1-1(q):
Zoning Regulations
CGS § 8-2(a):
Planning Definitions (Cluster Development)
CGS § 8-18:
Plan of Conservation and Development
CGS § 8-23:
Property Tax Exemptions
CGS § 12-81:
Abatement of Property Tax
CGS § 12-81m:
Property Tax Exemptions
CGS § 12-91:
Assessment of Farm and Forest Land
CGS § 12-107 (PA 490):
CGS § 19a-341:
Permitted Uses in Wetlands
CGS § 22a-40(a)(1):
Certified Farmers' Markets
CGS § 22-6r:

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